Software SolutionsCritical business advantages of TLS include:

  1. The removal of double keying, and ability of all personnel to instantly access any shipment, record or piece of information. This means higher productivity and major labor savings.
  2. Ease of installation and implementation (shrink wrap install).
  3. A simple, common user-interface design that hides complex and powerful processes combined with fully electronic training materials make it easier to train new staff and reduces the need for highly skilled labor.
  4. Ability to customize and personalize all customer facing documents (eg: Invoices, Statements, Pre-Alerts, Manifests, Order Status and Delivery Advices).
  5. Auto-creation and delivery of all client documentation and communications. This includes the integration of fax, e-mail, print and SMS subsystems to provide a common notification and delivery platform.
  6. Deep audit tracking of all system and user actions. The result is significantly improved service, reduction in operating costs and an improvement in our clients' ability to win (and retain) new clients.